A Route Sales Representative (RSR) services designated sales accounts by ordering, selling, distributing to and stocking Frito-Lay brand snack products at established sales accounts’ facilities. Responsibilities involve routine and complex sales and distribution tasks. Benefits include health insurance options, paid vacation, and optional simple plan with employer contribution.

Essential Functions

  • Responsible for one or more sales accounts on an assigned route, which requires the ability to work with minimal supervision. Initiative and self-motivation are necessary to accomplish daily tasks.
  • Provides professional and courteous service to all sales accounts and works cooperatively with others, including supervisors, coworkers and account employees.
  • Safely drives a delivery truck for long periods of time, and follows required guidelines to maintain the vehicle.
  • Accurately orders product and correctly accounts for all sales and damaged or stale product.
  • Properly loads and unloads the delivery truck, and stocks national brand products in the assigned sales accounts.
  • Maintains schematics at all times in all accounts.
  • Rotates product in accounts, warehouse, and truck, and keeps accounts free of stale product.
  • “Up-sells” product to sales accounts, when appropriate, to increase sales for the account and the RSR.
  • Regular and prompt daily attendance is required; the RSR must be at the first sales account no later than 6 am, service all of the accounts for the given day, load the truck, and complete the daily paperwork at the end of the day.
  • Hours of work vary depending on the routes serviced during the day. The RSR is done when the accounts are fully stocked and the other job components have been completed for the day.
  • On days in which there are no deliveries, the RSR must ensure that all accounts on the route have product properly stocked and rotated. Accordingly, an RSR may work seven days a week, which may only require an hour of work on non-delivery days.
  • Completes and mails paperwork daily, which accounts for all sales, product and expenses.
  • All duties are performed while following safe working practices
  • Properly safeguards company property; including gas credit card, hand held computer, printer, delivery truck and all other company property.

Work Environment

  • While performing job duties, the RSR frequently works in outside weather conditions, occasionally being exposed to rain, wind, snow, cold and hot weather.
  • Depending on the sales route, the RSR could spend 5% to 15% of work time driving the delivery truck. All trucks are heated, but not all have air conditioning.
  • Depending on the sales route, the RSR could spend 85% to 95% of work time in stores, both in the back rooms and on sales floors.
  • While unloading and loading the truck at the end of the day, the RSR will be in a warehouse environment with little or no air conditioning or heating.

Physical Demands

  • Routinely lifts 75 pound metal ramps, and frequently lifts and unloads boxes weighing up to 40 pounds.
  • Frequent twisting, bending, and kneeling for extended periods of time while stocking and rotating product.
  • When filling account shelves, the RSR works the bottom shelf from 6” off the floor to 6’ high to the top shelf, which requires the RSR to be on one or both knees.
  • Quickly steps in and out of the truck frequently each day and walks a half- mile to multiple miles throughout the day. The rear bumper is 16” to 20” high. The side entrance is 12”-18” high.
  • When delivering cases to the accounts and while loading the truck, the RSR uses a hand truck to wheel stacks of cases. These stacks are 6’ to 8’ high.
  • When driving the truck, the RSR is in a sitting position for an extended period of time.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior experience in the grocery or convenience store business, or running a sales route for another vendor.